Saturday, January 23, 2010

HTML::Mason and apache issues

this was copied from somebody else, but I did not keep the reference ...

while atempting to upload files in html::mason the response is only "End of file found":

solution: add this to the vhost configuration file

PerlSetVar MasonArgsMethod mod_perl

explanation: it seems HTML::Mason is using CGI to deal with post/get by default, and when CGI is done with post/get, there is nothing left for apreq to work with; the line tells HTML::Mason to use mod_perl to deal with the args

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  1. This worked beautifully! my VDS upgraded from Apache to Apache2 and my file HTML::Mason app's file upload functionality died until I added that string into httpd.conf - I stuffed it under my section... Thank you so much for the post, I really appreciate it.

    Craig Glendenning