Friday, July 15, 2011

fuck iso-8859-16

... and the ignorant bastards that cannot distinguish between an aesthetic choice when designing font faces and character encoding.

iso-8859-16 is not for Romanian, and the traditional and correct way to write in Romanian is with s+cedilla, t+cedilla ... which means iso-8859-2. Want ş with a tiny comma below the "s" ? Fucking design a new font face and give the rest of us a break. Rumanians wrote with s+cedilla for 150 years and did not lose sleep over it, but now we have to deal with two fucking character sets that don't translate and which look so much alike on screen that you need fucking glasses to distinguish between them.

Yes, you know who you are.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Net::SSH::Perl install

Very nice module but a bit of a pain to install: the pain will be caused by Math::Pari wich fails automatic installation with cpan(m).

To fix it get the Math::Pari archive from CPAN, then and extract pari-2.1.7.tgz in the same folder where the Math-Pari-2.* folder is, then perl Makefile.PL Configure, make, make install. pari-2.5.0 won't work.