Monday, July 11, 2016

linode migration and downgrade

Finally began to understand Webpack. No clue as to how Redux works; I can follow the instructions but they don't make sense yet. Will persist.

Went through all the sites I had on my public servers and removed all those I did not use any more. Then noticed I was offered to migrate my Linode VPS from Xen to KVM and did it, upgraded to 4GB of RAM for free, resized my disks without losing data and then downgraded the account to a 2GB of RAM account ... all in less than 60 minutes and without losing data. I am thinking of consolidating the servers and I know which one will stay.

Also found a MongoDB database with data for an old project I might revive. Upgraded MongoDB on my workstation, upgraded the Perl bindings (required a server upgrade, else testing was failing).

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