who am I

Software developer with over 11 years background in Perl and business applications.

Experience with web-based business applications development and server-side data processing.

Experience with business intelligence/ROLAP.

Experience with training junior developers and with directing small development teams.

I started programming because I could not afford to pay a programmer. When I no longer needed a programmer I kept doing it as a hobby because I like building things. I do it now for a living because I discovered that I could do it 8 hours a day 5 days a week and I am better at it and get more satisfaction from it than from any other occupations I tried and was good at, including research, teaching or sales.

I prefer Perl because the functional + imperative + OO combo fits the way I think. I would as happily use other multi-paradigm languages such as D, Ocaml, LISP, F# or Groovy but I did not invest much time in other languages except Javascript and PHP.

I prefer Linux because I get at least the illusion of control if not real control over what happens with my code. I would use a *BSD as happily, or in a pinch Windows through Cygwin.

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